Sylvie Bergeron is working at developing a new approach to psychology that's at the cutting edge of human development, and relevant to philosophy, currently undergoing a crisis. General readers, psychologists and philosophers will discover in her work key information on the mechanisms of the soul and of the spirit.

After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in literature, and pursuing studies in psychology and dance, Sylvie Bergeron co-founded a company specializing in corporate copywriting, then worked as a dance interpreter in several countries. Along with her professional pursuits, she studied the mechanisms of the spirit, which led her to become a coach (life instructor) for individuals open to understanding their deep origin, and wanting to feel its echo in their daily lives. As of 1997, Sylvie Bergeron published several books on evolutionary psychology and, in 2002, she published her first novel, L'âme sœur [ Soul Mate ] . In 2004, she was finally ready to produce her first film, a short film called Quelque chose qui fuit [ Something slides ] , presented at the cinema Beaubien in Montreal . She has written a film script and aims to direct her first full feature film in the near future.
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